Joshua Omale​

Childhood Cancer Advocate, Scientist/ Researcher, Strategic Communicator.

I'm Joshua Omale, a passionate advocate committed to making a difference in the world of childhood cancer. Here, you'll discover the heart behind my advocacy journey and the impactful initiatives I lead.

Advocacy that Illuminates Hope, One Story at a Time.

Advocating for a Brighter Future.

About Me

Personal Story

Embark on my personal journey, navigating life’s challenges and finding purpose in advocating for children facing cancer.

Advocacy Journey

Discover the milestones, campaigns, and projects that shape my commitment to childhood cancer advocacy.

Skill Overview

Explore my multifaceted skill set, encompassing report writting, content creation, research, social media management, and administrative support.

Current Initiatives

Impact Highlights:

Read success stories and testimonials showcasing the real impact of our collective efforts.

Engage My Expertise

Welcome to a space where expertise meets impact! As a dedicated advocate and skilled professional, I extend an invitation to collaborate, partner, and explore how we can work together for meaningful results. Whether you’re seeking top-notch content creation, strategic research, or impactful social media management, let’s connect and create positive change together. Explore the wide range of services I can offer you.


Photo Gallery

Immerse yourself in a visual journey through images from impactful events, campaigns, and collaborations.


Watch inspiring videos that captures the essence of our advocacy work.

Blog/ Updates

Regular Posts:

Stay updated with insightful blog posts, reflections, and stories related to childhood cancer advocacy.


You involvment is a crucial piece in the puzzle of impactful change. Find out how you can join hands with me in advocating for childhood cancer and fostering positive transformation.

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