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Advocacy that Illuminates Hope, One Story at a Time.

Personal Story

In the intricate tapestry of life, my journey as a childhood cancer advocate began with the poignant chapter of losing my beloved brother, Joseph, to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His valiant fight and our family’s unwavering spirit in the face of this adversity profoundly shaped my mission and commitment to advocating for those facing the harrowing battle of childhood cancer. 

Advocacy Journey

My advocacy journey is a testament to turning personal pain into purposeful action. Notable milestones include spearheading successful fundraising events for children at Jos University Teaching Hospital, where we channeled resources to support their medical needs. Additionally, leveraging the power of social media platforms has been instrumental in spreading awareness, fostering understanding, and creating a global network united in the fight against childhood cancer.

Leadership in Advocacy and Research

I am one of Nigeria’s foremost childhood cancer advocates.

I spearhead the Slum and Rural Health Initiative (SRHIN) – Africa’s foremost Youth-led Health Advocacy Organization at the University of Jos, Nigeria. Leading a dynamic team, I conceptualize and lead the execution of initiatives addressing health challenges in slum and rural areas. My role involves establishing strategic partnerships, coordinating research projects, and advocating for health policy improvements at both university and community levels.

I’m a committed member of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC) – a collaborative network spanning 41 states (in the United States of America) and nine countries. My contributions involve organizing impactful events, raising funds for research, and engaging in community outreach programs. 

I’ve been featured on OncoDaily,  a globally recognized oncology media outlet, that highlights the works of oncology researchers and advocates globally.

From Nigeria, I participated in the first Global Oncothon organized by OncoDaily and *Oncoheroes Biosciences* aimed at raising funds for pediatric cancer research. Speaking alongside a line up of over 100 speakers drawn from the academia, government organizations, top corporate organizations, non governmental organizations, and passionate advocates around the world, showcases my dedication to pediatric cancer research on a global stage.

Personal Impacts

Beyond statistics and campaigns, my advocacy work is deeply personal. I’ve raised funds to support the treatment of children with cancer, spoken passionately at national and global events, and lent my voice to national newspapers. My dedication to this cause extends beyond borders, touching lives and fostering a compassionate global community.

Embodiment of Hope

For me, childhood cancer advocacy is not just about being involved in social impact, it’s about creating hope in the hearts of children bravely facing this battle, as well as their families. This is from the place of a personal understanding of the devastating impact a cancer diagnosis has on individuals and their families.

In the face of adversity, I strive to be a beacon of hope, using my voice and actions to drive positive change. From local communities to global platforms, my journey reflects a relentless commitment to transforming personal adversity into meaningful advocacy on an international scale.



In doing this, I leverage a lot of skill sets. Some of which are:
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Years of Experience

Many Recognition & Honors

Skill Overview

Report Writing

Proficient in crafting compelling reports that communicate the urgency and significance of childhood cancer advocacy to varied audiences. 

Content Creation

Adept at creating engaging and impactful content across platforms, including articles, social media posts, and multimedia materials. 

Social Media Manager

Experienced in managing social media platforms to amplify advocacy efforts, build connections, and share impactful stories.


Strong research skills to stay informed about the latest developments in childhood cancer, ensuring an evidence-based approach to advocacy. 

Website Content Writing (WordPress and CRM)

Skilled in crafting content for websites, utilizing platforms like WordPress and CRM to maintain an informative and engaging online presence.

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